Here Comes the Cold: Protecting Your Chimney from Winter Damage - Lindemann Chimney Service Co.
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  • Here Comes the Cold: Protecting Your Chimney from Winter Damage

    Here Comes the Cold: Protecting Your Chimney from Winter Damage


    Frigid backdrafts, animal nest blockages and cracks in the chimney flue, can all be damaging tolls that winter puts on your home’s chimney system. While the symptoms may be hard to notice at first, but if left unaddressed they can lead to costly, time-consuming repairs. By completing just a few simple tasks, you can protect your chimney from Old Man Winter.

    The Dangers of Cold and Snow to Your Chimney

    There are a number of ways extreme cold and excessive snow can damage your home’s chimney:

    • Water damage including cracks, stains and overall premature deterioration
    • Excessive creosote buildup from a strong back-draft or inefficient burns
    • Blockages in the flue from animal taking refuge in the chimney

    Ways to Protect the Chimney

    • Close the chimney damper when the fireplace is not in use
    • Have your chimney and fireplace inspected and cleaned annually
    • Waterproof your chimney crown and make repairs at the first sign of deterioration
    • Install a chimney cap to prevent animals from building nests inside the chimney flue
    • Ensure that the chimney damper is installed correctly and has a tight seal

    Partnering with a professional knowledgeable in the industry can be a great way for you to take smart steps this year to better protect your home from the brutal grips of winter. They can assist in many tasks from completing a chimney cleaning and inspection to installing a quality chimney cap. A certified technician can also address any brickwork concerns completing tuckpointing and waterproofing as necessary. If you are looking to better safeguard your chimney from the dangerous effects of winter, contact the expert team at Lindemann Chimney Service. We can help with all of your service and repair needs.

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