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  • Why More Homeowners are Choosing Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

    Why More Homeowners are Choosing Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces


    At Lindemann Chimney Service, we are seeing more and more of our customers requesting a direct vent gas fireplace. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular gas fireplace options on the market today. Homeowners are discovering how the direct vent gas fireplace can meet their needs while offering many of the same advantages as the traditional wood fireplace. If your current fireplace is dated and worn or you simply want to add warmth to another area of the home, the direct vent gas fireplace may be your answer.

    If you are a homeowner looking for a modern, efficient alternative to the traditional wood stove, here are some benefits of a direct vent gas unit:

    A Flexible Heating Option
    Today’s homeowner wants flexibility in where they place their fireplace unit. Non-traditional spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen are becoming popular hotspots where added warmth is desired. Because of their ease of installation and flexibility, direct vent gas fireplaces can go where traditional masonry ones cannot. Whether you want it installed in the family room or your bedroom, direct vent gas fireplaces make it possible.

    An Energy-Efficient, Clean Burn
    Want a clean, energy-efficient burn each and every time? If so, the direct vent gas fireplace may be the right fit for you. This pre-fabricated metal fireplace features a sealed glass front and is a closed combustion unit. That means that it pulls combusted air outside and easily exhausts the gases created. Without the convection effect of a traditional wood stove, you can enjoy a fire that is on average five times more efficient.

    Simple Installation
    A direct vent gas fireplace insert can be one of the simplest units to install. Unlike other systems, they don’t need any additional masonry or foundation during install. Compared to a complete renovation, replacing a wood fireplace with a direct vent gas unit is typically more cost effective while also creating less mess and disruption to the home. Looking towards the future, direct vent gas fireplaces are also easy to maintain over the long term.

    Did you know that along with chimney sweeps and repairs Lindemann Chimney Service also installs direct vent gas fireplaces? In fact, we install all types of gas fireplaces from a traditional gas insert to direct vent and ventless options. If you want an affordable and energy efficient solution to your home’s heating needs consider converting your old wood fireplace to a new, modern gas unit. Just give the expert team at Lindemann a call today and we’ll take it from there. You can schedule your appointment online or call us at 847.739.4199.

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