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  • How a Dirty Chimney Affects Air Quality

    How a Dirty Chimney Affects Air Quality


    We often don’t think of the indoor air pollution we’re exposed to until it starts to affect our health. A persistent cough, a small headache and a runny nose can all be early warning signs of poor air quality. One common culprit of this unhealthy problem is a dirty chimney. While a fireplace can be wonderful addition to the home, when left uncared for, it can cause serious respiratory problems for those you love.

    Why Dirty Chimneys Lead to Dirty Air
    There are a number of ways a dirty chimney can lead to poor air quality:

    • The wrong kind of wood is burned in the flue leading to smokier, more inefficient burns. These types of fires not only leave the flue dirty but also create smoky backdrafts.
    • The fireplace is improperly ventilated with a buildup of creosote and soot blocking the safe exit of the smoke.
    • Blockages in the flue from animal nests and other debris can lead to carcinogenic air being pushed back into the living space.

    Easy Steps to Improve Air Quality
    There are some easy steps you can take today to instantly improve your air quality the next time you burn.

    • Burn the right kind of fuel in your fireplace. Seasoned, dry hardwood is your best choice.
    • Have your chimney cleaned annually by a trained technician.
    • Install or replace the chimney cap. The chimney cap helps prevent birds and animals from entering the chimney flue.
    • For wood stove users, consider installing a catalyst. They help burn up smoke and reduce emissions.
    • Rather than a slow, cooler burn, keep your fires hot. Hot fires create less creosote and other byproducts.

    Lessen your family’s exposure to air pollution by keeping your chimney clean. A trusted professional partner such as Lindemann Chimney Service can help. Our certified sweeps are experts in cleaning out the creosote so you can burn safely once again. Adding even greater value, each of our cleanings includes level 2 NFPA inspection. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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