How a Wood Fireplace Can Offset Energy Costs
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  • How a Wood Fireplace Can Offset Energy Costs

    How a Wood Fireplace Can Offset Energy Costs


    Are you aware of how important it is to compare energy prices?  The cost of fuel seems to increase more and more every year.  One way to reduce its burden on the family budget is by utilizing an advantage you may already have – your wood fireplace. 

    How does a wood fireplace help reduce my energy cost?

    A wood fireplace can be an essential tool to lessening your energy cost by increasing the warmth inside the home so the furnace is actually able to work less.  This means less fuel costs and lower utility bills.  And unlike gas fireplaces, the fuel for a wood fireplace is inexpensive, often the cost of just a few cords of quality seasoned hardwood.   When it comes to offsetting energy costs, your wood fireplace is a great place to start!

    What are some tips on how I can save on energy with my wood fireplace?

    Maintain a Healthy System – A wood fireplace can only work well if it is regularly maintained.  Annual cleanings and general upkeep will help your unit running at optimal performance.    

    Check the Damper – Dampers with loose seals allow warm air to escape.  Keep it inside by checking your damper regularly.  It should offer a tight seal at the top and be easy to open and close.

    Burn the Right Fuel – Not all wood is created equal when it comes to the type you choose to burn.  Seasoned hardwood produces more heat and less smoke than a softwood.  It also burns longer and more evenly creating that warmth you need to heat the space.

    Run an Energy Comparison Report – Ever wonder how you can reduce your energy cost?  An energy comparison report offers useful insight into the best ways to reduce energy usage while also making your home more efficient.  Creating an energy conservation plan is one way you can accomplish many of the smart next steps outlined in your report.

    The winter season has just begun!  Start enjoying lower energy costs now by utilizing one of your home’s best assets – the wood fireplace.  Have the team at Lindemann Chimney Service check your system today.  Whether you need a thorough sweep or just a quick damper replacement, our expert team can help!  Learn more about our wood fireplace services by visiting us here.


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