How Chimney Sweeping Can Properly Maintain your Chimney
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  • How Chimney Sweeping Can Properly Maintain your Chimney

    How Chimney Sweeping Can Properly Maintain your Chimney


    Did you know that one of the biggest fire dangers in a home is the chimney?  Chimneys can easily catch ablaze for a number of reasons.  Sometimes they are hit by lighting.  Other times a fire can get of control because the homeowner is inattentive or ill-equipped to take of the unit properly.  Most times though a chimney becomes dangerous when it is not cleaned and maintained regularly.

    Here is what you need to know to reduce the likelihood of a chimney fire in your own Chicago home:

    Prevention First

    When it comes to protecting your family and the home taking precautionary steps is essential.  Chimney sweeping is the most important thing you can do to prevent chimney fires and other fireplace hazards.  Regular cleanings remove highly-flammable creosote from the chimney walls. They also keep the bottom of the unit debris free.  If you are only going to do one thing for your fireplace all year long schedule a professional chimney sweeping service.

    Benefits of Chimney Sweeping Services

    • Allow you to achieve a more efficient, enjoyable fire
    • Reduce odors that may be permeating from the firebox
    • Assist in preventing potential carbon monoxide exposure
    • Remove flammable creosote from the chimney walls
    • Aid in detecting any problems both inside and outside the home
    • Help maintain a healthy and strong flue
    • Can lengthen the overall life of your chimney

    Additional Chimney Safety Tips

    • Never leave a fire unattended.  A safe fire is one which is closely monitored and maintained from start to finish.                                                                                             
    • Install a chimney cap to keep bird’s nests, bees, and leaves from clogging the flue.
    • Burn the right fuel to reduce the amount of creosote that accumulates.  The best option is dry, seasoned hardwood.
    • Keep glass doors closed or only slightly open when using the fireplace.  This prevents embers and ash from entering into the living space posing additional fire hazards.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service, the health and safety of our customers is our #1 priority.  We want to help homeowners throughout the Chicago area maintain a clean and safe system.  Our qualified team of technicians is ready to help.  Contact us today!


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