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  • How CrownCoat Helps Seal Leaky Chimneys

    How CrownCoat Helps Seal Leaky Chimneys


    A leaky chimney is a common complaint we hear at Lindemann Chimney Service. When we inspect a home plagued with chimney leaks, our first area of suspicion is the chimney crown. The chimney crown is often the main source of water penetration through the chimney. Typically constructed of cement, the crown is prone to experiencing cracking over time. This is due to a number of factors including expansion and contraction during freeze/thaw cycles, settlement and poor construction. In fact, many chimney crowns are built poorly from the start.

    The best answer to a leaky chimney is the industry’s leading chimney sealant – CrownCoat.

    Why CrownCoat?
    Leaky chimneys are no laughing matter. If left unaddressed, small minor leaks into the home can lead to larger, more costly repairs including bigger crack formation and further tuckpointing needs. Continual water penetration can even lead to structural integrity issues. CrownCoat addresses these problems by filling existing cracks with a weathertight seal. Its unique formula prevents further water penetration and absorption. CrownCoat offers the long-lasting waterproof membrane damaged chimney crowns need.

    Advantages of CrownCoat
    There are many benefits to addressing your leaky chimney problems with a CrownCoat application including:

    • CrownCoat is permanently flexible allowing for further expansion and contraction overtime without the sealant cracking
    • CrownCoat cures within 2-4 hours
    • CrownCoat can be dyed to match your existing mortar
    • CrownCoat is backed by a 15 year warranty when applied by a professional
    • CrownCoat is an environmentally-friendly product you can feel good about using

    It is important to never attempt to seal a leaky crown using paint or a non-vapor permeable sealer. Doing so can trap moisture inside the chimney leading to accelerated deterioration within the flue.

    If your home is experiencing leaky chimney issues due to a faulty crown, you may want to consider a CrownCoat application. At Lindemann Chimney Service, we assist our customers in addressing their leaky chimney issues with water sealing services. We can help protect your chimney from further water damage with our expert CrownCoat application services. Call us today at 847.739.4199 to schedule your chimney service or repair.

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