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  • How do I know if my chimney needs cleaned?

    How do I know if my chimney needs cleaned?


    At Lindemann Chimney Service we pride ourselves on customer service. That’s why we inspect your chimney first, and only if it is dirty do we will clean it. It does need inspected anually according to the National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

    We start with a basic visual Level One Inspection. Then we bring out the state of the art video inspection technology equipment for a full inside scan of your chimney. Imagine trying to look down a 20 foot long chimney with a flashlight. It’s dark, there are shadows, and you can’t see the sides clearly. That’s why we only inspect with an interior camera. A video camera brings the chimney up close so we can check the inside flue as well as the flue joints for proper construction, damage, structure and stability.

    We video scan to detect damage like these holes

    After the inspection we decide if it needs cleaning, and if so, what type of cleaning equipment to use. One “rule of thumb” is that if there is 1/8″ of brushable build-up, the flue should be cleaned. However, any amount of shiny or gummy creosote should be cleaned.

    Our service technicians are all certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and have extensive training, experience and technical expertise. While we are there we will care for your home as if you were one of our family. We bring tarps, a HEPA filter vac, our video scanning equipment, cleaning equipment and other tools.

    Lindemann Chimney Service has been in business and served the north shore of Chicago since 1969. We want to be your chimney sweep “Partners for Life”. As a chimney cleaning customer we are also offering free firewood for life if you have their chimney swept. For more information check out this blog or contact us.

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, Author of Design Ideas for Fireplaces, Published by Creative Homeowner Press

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