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  • How Extreme Weather can Damage Your Chimney

    How Extreme Weather can Damage Your Chimney


    HomeWhen living in the Midwest, a homeowner can experience extreme weather throughout all four seasons.  From frigid temperatures in winter to the tornado season in spring, our homes are under constant threat of weather-related damage.  Few areas of the home are as prone to this type of damage as the chimney.  It can often bear the brunt of many different types of extreme conditions.

    Lightning – Protruding from the home’s exterior, the chimney is an easy target for lightning strikes.  Especially for units already in disrepair, chimneys struck by lightning can have bricks blown off, the exterior masonry crumble, or worse.  The lightning’s current can also travel through the chimney to the home’s wiring system burning up the existing wires and may even lead to a fire.

    Excessive Rain – One of the easiest ways for water to enter the home is through the chimney’s top.  As it floods through the opening, water can damage the interior living space while penetrating the bricks and masonry on the chimney itself.   A water-logged system can be harmful to the chimney’s flue system while also causing rotting and staining in the surrounding walls and framing.

    High Winds – While high winds are typically not strong enough to completely tumble a chimney, they can cause great damage to a unit in poor condition.  If a chimney is already cracked or crumbling, high winds can further exacerbate the problem loosening large chunks of brick and mortar.

    Frigid Temperatures – Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on a chimney’s brick structure.  When water penetrates the area and then thaws and refreezes, expansion can occur separating and loosening bricks.  This cycle can lead to excessive moisture within the chimney structure.

    To keep your chimney less prone to damage from extreme weather, it is important to address any minor concerns right away.  A healthy chimney and chimney structure is more able to withstand these threats.   Partner with the team at Lindemann Chimney Service to ensure your chimney is ready to weather any kind of storm.  Should the need arise, we also offer chimney restoration services including chimney rebuilds and masonry repair.

    Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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