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  • How Freezing Temps over the Winter Might Have Damaged your Chimney

    How Freezing Temps over the Winter Might Have Damaged your Chimney


    With an average January daily temperate of a chilly 21°F, Chicago can be downright frigid during the winter months. While the cold season may keep you bundled up tight, these freezing temperatures can also affect the home. From cracked sidewalks to ice damming, the exterior of the property experiences the wrath of winter just as much as we do.

    One part of the home we often forget to check after winter is the chimney. It too can be damaged by freezing temperatures. The freeze-thaw cycle often creates pits in the chimney surface much like potholes in asphalt. This is when a chimney inspection becomes essential. Professional chimney inspection services can uncover the hidden problems before they turn into costly repairs.

    During a typical chimney inspection, the technician will look for the following signs of winter damage:

    • Crumbling mortar
    • Chimney damper damage or rust
    • Cracked chimney crowns
    • Loose brickwork

    Signs of water damage including stains near the chimney area

    There are also preventative steps you can take to protect your chimney from snow, ice, and frigid freezing temperatures. A great place to start is by installing a quality chimney cap. A good cap will prevent water from entering the flue. You also want to make certain your chimney crown is in good condition. Water-proofing the chimney itself is also another way to safeguard your masonry from water penetration. And never forget to schedule your annual chimney inspection.

    Chicago winters can be harsh on the home. Smart homeowners give their properties the care they need by scheduling regular chimney inspection services. No team offers a more thorough and professional job than Lindemann Chimney Service. Since 1969, we have been helping Chicago homeowners recover from winter’s wrath.

    Contact the team at Lindemann Chimney Service today to schedule your visit this spring.

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