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  • How to Baby Proof the Fireplace

    How to Baby Proof the Fireplace


    Cozy Fire

    Whether you have a little one on the way, a constantly-on-the-move toddler, or a curious 6-year old, protecting them from a hot fireplace should be top priority.  There are many products on the market today to help parents keep their little ones away from the flames while still being able to enjoy a warming fire.  Here are some tips for babyproofing your fireplace.

    Fireplace Screens
    A fireplace screen can be a great way to block-off the space around the perimeter of your fireplace and hearth.  Unfortunately many parents opt for a free-standing unit which can easily be knocked down by any determined toddler.  Make sure to install one that attaches to the brickwork or surrounding wall.  You will also want to select a model with a child safety gate for easy adult access to the space.

    Child Play Yards
    If you prefer to contain the child rather than blocking off the fireplace, you will want to try a child play yard.  These play yards are set up much like a little play pen creating a safe place for your child to roam.  Since the sides have holes for little fingers to poke through, keep the play yard a good distance from the flames.

    Hearth Guards & Padding
    Hearth guards and padding help protect bumps and bruises from the sharp corners of brickwork.  These safety pads are much like the ones used on coffee tables and other pieces of furniture.  Guards can be secured to the hearth using a foam adhesive or tape.

    Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Burning wood gives off carbon monoxide, a dangerous and deadly gas that cannot be tasted or smelled.  Regardless of whether there is a child in the home or not, carbon monoxide detectors should always be used to measure for these deadly gas levels.  Keep one on each level of the home along with a quality fire alarm.

    Lastly, the best way to keep your child safe from burns or worse is to have constant supervision when little ones are in the same living space as the fireplace.  Lindemann Chimney Service is dedicated to helping our customers create a safe, family-friendly fireplace area within their home.  While onsite, our technicians can answer any questions you may have on better ways to protect little ones from the hearth.  We offer chimney and fireplace solutions to fit every lifestyle.

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