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  • How to Fix a Smelly Chimney

    How to Fix a Smelly Chimney


    A smelly chimney is one of the biggest complaints chimney sweeps hear from their customers especially during the summer months.  Not only does the not-so-pleasant odor fill the area directly around the fireplace, it can also penetrate throughout the rest of the home.  Closing up the windows and turning on the air conditioner often makes the stench even worse.  While air fresheners may temporarily resolve the smell, the results are often short-lived.  To eliminate the cause of the problem, turn to your chimney for the solution.

    How the Chimney Air Works

    Racoon_1While all chimneys have at least a minimal odor, a normal working fireplace will take air from the area sending it up through the chimney to the outside.  Since the stale air moves out of the home, odor is usually not an issue.  Only when a home experiences draft issues does the air get sent back down into the living space and along with it the unpleasant smells of the chimney and any water or vapor that may be located in it.  Summer heat and humidity often further increase the intensity of these odors making them more noticeable and more bothersome for homeowners.

    Solutions to Smelly Chimney

    If you are experiencing a smelly chimney, there are some simple solutions to help eliminate the problem.  The best first step is to hire a professional to provide a thorough chimney sweep and inspection.   Removing the excess creosote and debris within the flue helps remove odors while keeping your home safe from chimney fires.  While an annual cleaning is important to a healthy home, it may not eliminate the problem 100%.  If you continue to experience issues, your house may be plagued with negative air pressure.  Try closing the damper when the fireplace is not in use and also ensure that it is properly sealed.  A top sealing chimney damper with a metal chain that hangs down the hearth can also be a huge help.  Installing a glass fire screen can be beneficial as well in dealing with an air pressure problem.  Once the odor is no longer permeating throughout the room, an annual chimney cleaning will typically stop the stinky chimney smells from coming back.

    Summer Chimney Maintenance

    Summer is a great time to get your chimney cleaned and inspected before the cooler months arrive.  A quality chimney cleaning not only keeps the odors out but also removes creosote and soot buildup within the flue.  Getting your home ready for fall, Lindemann Chimney Service offers their North Shore customers thorough chimney cleaning services and inspections along with fireplace installation and repair.

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