How to Prepare Yourself for Summer Chimney Problems - Lindemann Chimney Service Co.
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  • How to Prepare Yourself for Summer Chimney Problems

    How to Prepare Yourself for Summer Chimney Problems


    You have probably already heard of the many ways winter can wreak havoc on your chimney. While freezing temperatures can do damage to your unit there are many ways the warmer seasons can lead to trouble at the hearth, too. Before the heat and humidity of summer arrives take time to learn the many ways these warmer months can pose a threat to your chimney’s health.

    Common Summer Dangers

    There are many hidden dangers during the summer that can lead to chimney damage including:

    • Heavy storms and winds causing crown and flashing damage
    • Bee and insect infestation within the chimney
    • High humidity leading to excess moisture within the flue

    Ways to Protect the Chimney

    • If lacking one, install a quality chimney cap
    • Replace a worn or damaged chimney cap
    • Have a professional sweep inspect and clean your chimney annually
    • Repair any damages to the chimney flashing or crown
    • Apply a waterproofing sealant to the exposed areas of the chimney crown

    When seasonal dangers pose a threat to the well-being of your chimney enlist the help of a trusted local partner. For those in the Chicagoland area that partner is Lindemann Chimney Service. Since 1969, we have been helping customers throughout the area maintain healthy chimney systems. From chimney inspections to complete rebuilds, we assist in the prevention of common chimney problems while offering the right solutions when repairs are needed. Whether it is the dog days of summer or the dead of winter, Lindemann Chimney Service is your reliable chimney service team. Contact us today to schedule your next service visit.

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