How to Properly Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney
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  • How to Properly Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney

    How to Properly Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney


    Animals inside the chimney is never a good thing.  They cause nothing but problems as their nests get built and start clogging the flue.  Keeping pests out of your chimney is important and something you want to pay careful attention to.

    You may be asking yourself what steps you can take to ensure the animals remain out in nature and NOT inside your home.  The smartest way to accomplish this is by utilizing a good chimney cover.  Also known as a chimney topper, these caps can be instrumental in keeping your flue an animal-free zone.

    If your chimney doesn’t have a chimney flue cap, here are some tips for choosing the perfect one for your home:

    • While most homes only need one chimney cover, some properties require two or more chimney caps. There should be a cap for each individual flue. Or installers may opt for a larger top mount cap which can fit over both.
    • Stainless steel chimney caps are extremely durable lasting for years and years to come. A copper chimney can also be a long-lasting alternative.  Many brands in both categories feature a lifetime warranty.
    • Top mount chimney caps are a great solution for covering the entire chimney crown. Using special flanges, these are installed directly onto the crown ensuring secure attachment.
    • For homes with two or more square or rectangular flues on the same chimney, you can attach a cap to fit each individual flue.  Some opt instead to use a larger top mount chimney cap that can fit over both.
    • Some flues may have two or three concentric pipes. When these are located inside the chimney, you should use a chimney cap built for air-cooled flues.  These caps can prevent overheating by circulating air more easily.

    When winter hits the Midwest, animals begin seeking refuge from the freezing temperatures.  The best time to install a quality chimney cover is before the cooler temperatures arrive.  That’s why so many people have this service completed in summer.  Don’t be confused though, chimney caps offer protection from animal infestation all year around.

    You can count on Lindemann Chimney Service to help protect your chimney from animal infestation.  We carry many of the best brands of chimney covers and accessories.  Our team of experts can find the perfect chimney topper solution for your home and ensure it is installed to exact specification.  Contact us today to schedule your in-person visit.


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