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  • How to Save Energy With Your Fireplace

    How to Save Energy With Your Fireplace


    Homeowners are always on the hunt for smart, new ways to save on energy costs. The need becomes even greater during the winter months when the heating bills get higher and higher as the temperatures get lower and lower. While there are many traditional ways to keep the cost of heating the home down, homeowners are often surprised that they can use the fireplace to also accomplish this goal.

    1. Burn the Right Wood – When selecting wood to burn in your fireplace, make sure to only choose seasoned, dried hardwood. It will produce the cleanest burn and create the most warmth within the space. Wet wood not only burns less efficiently but also creates more by-products making more frequent cleanings necessary.
    2. Clean the Flue – A clean flue free of creosote buildup burns more efficiently and effectively than a dirty one. And an efficient fire means more heating output for your living space. Make sure to schedule an annual cleaning and inspection for your fireplace to keep it in peak performance.
    3. Locate and Seal Leaks – Fireplaces are notorious for having major air gaps allowing heated air to escape the home. Take time to locate these leaks and seal them properly to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.
    4. Consider a Gas Fireplace Insert – Inserts are one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat a living space. They offer the opportunity for homeowners to control the temperature of the fire easily and accurately without losing precious heat in the process.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service, we can help make your home’s fireplace as energy-efficient as possible. Whether you need an expert cleaning by one of our certified professionals or want to add a gas insert into an existing unit, we have the services to meet your specific need. Contact us today to get your home’s energy costs on the right track.

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