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  • How to Stop Smoky Fireplace Problems

    How to Stop Smoky Fireplace Problems


    Few things can make a fireplace less enjoyable then when it billows with smoke anytime you start a fire. Not only does the smoke make it hard to breath, it also can permeate an obnoxious odor into the living space and leave a film of soot when it settles. A smoky fireplace, although frustrating, is actually a very common complaint we run across at Lindemann Chimney Service. It is also a problem that can often be easily fixed.

    Causes of a Smoky Fireplace
    There are many underlying issues that can lead to a smoky fireplace and the reason why your home may be experiencing this problem could be from a single source or a combination of many. One typical cause is improper chimney draft. This occurs when air is unable to easily flow outside of the home like it should. The draft could be caused by an obstruction inside the flue such as a bird’s nest or may be the result of a damaged or defective chimney damper. Even sudden temperature changes can cause a draft problem. Another reason smoke may be filling the living space is because you are using the wrong type of wood to fuel the fire. Wood that is wet or not seasoned properly can release smokier byproducts during the burning process.

    Here are some tips on how to stop your smoky fireplace problems:

    • Schedule an inspection with a certified technician. They can examine the inside of your flue along with the chimney damper.
    • Burn only dry, seasoned hardwood – the best fuel for a smokeless (and efficient) fire.
    • Keep the flue clear of obstructions such as bird’s nests, leaves, and pesky critters.
    • Regularly clean the flue. A dirty flue is more likely to experience draft problems. Have it swept annually for best performance.
    • Check to ensure that the damper is open before each use.

    If you are struggling with a smoky fireplace, contact the team at Lindemann Chimney Service. We offer the services you need to keep your system in peak performance. Our technicians are equipped to perform thorough chimney cleaning and inspections as well as chimney damper repairs and replacements. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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