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  • Is it time to repair your Masonry Work?

    Is it time to repair your Masonry Work?


    While the weather is warming up now, our fireplaces will be back in use sooner than we’d like to think! Take this time of the year to be sure your chimney and fireplace are ready for the next round of cold temperatures.

    Masonry Repair

    The constant freezing and thawing of Spring and Winter can wreak havoc on your masonry work – new and old. Bricks and Mortar are porous materials, and once they have moisture in them, will expand and contract with the weather changes – leaving your mortar work at risk. Now that your yard and roof are once again visible, keep an eye out for mortar and rubble falling into your yard. This is a definite sign that it is time for your masonry to be repaired and sealed.

    In regular freeze/thaw environments it is also a good idea to have an Annual Inspection. This inspection includes checking for: cracks where water can penetrate, masonry degradation, loose cement joints, and loose stones. Masonry Chimneys are incredibly durable but do need to have attention given to them. Other than stone, all materials in masonry chimney will suffer deterioration resulting from prolonged contact with water. The Freeze/Thaw of Spring and Winter will cause stress to the materials and may cause rus in steel and cast iron – often destroying the metal parts. Even stone construction is not immune from the need for water protection – the mortar holding the pieces together will need to be restored and protected.

    Good stone masonry will last for several decades, and with the proper care and upkeep, can remain over a century! Protect your property investment and call to schedule your Free Masonry Inspection Today!

    By Rob Lindemann


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