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  • It's gutter cleaning time!

    It's gutter cleaning time!


    Lindemann Home Services, a division of Lindemann Chimney Service, in Northern Chicago, Southern Wisconsin would like to remind you that if you haven’t had your gutters cleaned then don’t wait any longer! Full gutters can lead to major repair costs on your home.


    A clogged gutter causes water to splash everywhere. It’s like filling a bowl full of water and dropping an ice cube or stones into it. Water splashes in all directions. The same thing happens with your gutters only water splashes back into your fascia board and soffits. Over time this can lead to rotting wood and insect infestation with carpenter ants, termites and other undesirables.

    Foundation damage to your home can also be a result of clogged or leaking gutters as well as damage to landscape, driveways and other structures. Water can even funnel to the inside damaging ceilings, walls and even coming in around windows. Clogged gutters also retain ice and snow and can also cause damage to the shingles along the lower part of the roof.

    To get your gutters cleaned and inspected please phone us at 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us.

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