It's National Fire Prevention Week! - Lindemann Chimney Service Co.
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  • It's National Fire Prevention Week!

    It's National Fire Prevention Week!


    It’s National Fire Protection Week and here at Lindemann Chimney Service we would like to make you aware of some safety tips for using your fireplace.

    • Always use a designated ash bucket with a tight fitting lid when cleaning ashes out of the fireplace.

    • Make sure that the ashes are cool before dumping outside.log_fire12

    • Dump ashes on a non-combustible surface just to make sure there’s no embers left.

    • Never dump ashes on a wood pile or anything combustible.

    • When dumping ashes outside make sure the wind isn’t blowing or you may end up covered in ashes. Also, there may be embers that you aren’t aware of that could be whipped up into hot sparks or may travel on the wind and ignite nearby combustibles.

    • Never leave a gas log/appliance remote control where children or visitors could access it. A visitor may confuse this remote with a TV remote.

    • Always have a firescreen on the fireplace when in use. This includes fireplaces of all fuels. Last year a family had company and left the room to fix breakfast. The air mattress that the company had used to sleep by the fire was pushed into the fireplace by their dog and it ignited the living room.

    • NEVER burn wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, driftwood, plastics, treated wood or anything other than what the fireplace is intended to burn.

    • DON’T use flammable liquids to start your fire (unless they are tested and specified for this use).

    • Only use wool or olefin rugs in front of your fireplace. NEVER use cotton rugs. A spark could easily ignite cotton.

    • Don’t rely on a hearth rug to make up for a lack of hearth protection. There are special hearth protection products available.

    • Never hang stockings, drape greenery or put other decorations too close to the fireplace. Any combustible material that is too close to the fireplace opening can catch fire and lead to a structure fire.

    • Keep children, pets and curious visitors away from glass fireplace doors. The glass can get really hot and cause burns.

    • If you have gas logs don’t rearrange the logs unless you talk to the installer or one of our service professionals first. It can greatly affect the way the logs burn and could cause sooting or possibly carbon monoxide issues.

    • When visitors show up do a quick check to make sure the gas fireplace remote is put up, firestarters and matches are out of reach of small children and that fireplace tools are where children can’t readily reach them.

    • Make sure your chimney has been inspected and cleaned, if needed, by a CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) Certified Chimney Sweep. All of our sweeps are certified.

    • Lastly, make sure you replace your smoke alarm batteries and carbon monoxide alarm batteries.

    We hope these tips have been helpful to you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us.

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