June is National Safety Month - Lindemann Chimney Service Co.
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  • June is National Safety Month

    June is National Safety Month


    Did you know that fires from heating appliances account for 36% of residential home fires in rural areas every year?  Creosote buildup and improper usage often are the main causes of these fires.   Keeping the fireplace and chimney clean and properly maintained can be instrumental in reducing the risk of serious injury and damage to the home.  It is also important to learn the correct ways to start, maintain, and end a fire.  

    Since June is National Safety Month, we’d like to share some tips for keeping you and your home safe from chimney fires:

    Preventative Care

    • Have the chimney inspected and thoroughly cleaned by a certified sweep annually.
    • Clear the areas around the fireplace of flammable materials such as blankets and textiles.
    • Replace cracked or damaged chimney liners.
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be installed on each level and checked once a month.  Replace the devices’ batteries twice a year.

    Maintain a Safe Fire from Start to Finish

    • Only use seasoned, dry hardwood as your source of fuel.  Never use garbage or cardboard as kindling. 
    • Before starting the fire, place the wood near the back of the fireplace on a sturdy fireplace grate.
    • Keep the glass doors closed during the fire to prevent ashes and ambers from flying into the room while also providing the fire enough air to burn cleanly.  Proper combustion creates less creosote buildup.  
    • If your fireplace does not have a glass door, use a mesh screen to protect the area from debris. 
    • Never leave a fire unattended.  Also install child safety guards as needed around the unit.
    • Properly dispose of ash by first allowing it to completely cool.  Once it is cool, place it in an air-tight container and dispose of it at least 10 feet away from the home and other structures. 

    Safety Outside

    • Keep the roof and chimney area clear of debris such as leaves and pine needles.
    • Trim branches that hang over the chimney, flue, or vent area.
    • Use a cap to protect the chimney from animal nests, rainwater, and snow.
    • Store firewood smartly – cover the stack to protect it from the elements and store it at least 30 feet from the home.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service, safety is our number one priority.  Contact us today to have your chimney cleaned and inspected reducing your risk of a chimney fire.  Our qualified team of technicians is ready to help.

    Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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