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  • 5 Tips to Keep Warm During a Late Winter Cold Snap

    5 Tips to Keep Warm During a Late Winter Cold Snap


    Just as we think the cold weather is behind us, Mother Nature has a different plan, and we may find ourselves faced with a late winter cold snap. While we may tire of turning up the heat and facing biting cold when we step outside, there are things we can do to keep ourselves and our homes warm until signs of spring arrive.

    • Lower the Heat at Night.  Utilize the layers of blankets in bed and warm pajamas to stay warm at night, instead of solely relying on the furnace. Turn the temperature down when heading to bed, and program the thermostat to raise the temperature again before you rise in the morning.
    • Bundle Up When Heading Outside.  It may seem obvious, but layering up, especially when heading outside is a great way to stay warm.  It’s especially important to keep your core warm when the temperatures dip below freezing.  And since a good portion of heat escapes from your head, wear a hat!  Wearing gloves or mittens and a pair of good boots can also help keep your extremities warm, which are the first places to show signs of frostbite.
    • Use Your Curtains.  Sunny day?  Open the curtains.  Although the outdoor air temperature may not reflect the warmth the sun can provide, the sun can still be used to our advantage.  Enjoy the free heat the sun can provide.  When it’s dark outside again, shut the curtains, which act as another layer of insulation against the cold.
    • Dress Appropriately for the Season.  The calendar may say spring is almost here, but if we are faced with a late winter cold snap, dress like it is  still winter.  Wearing pants, long sleeves, socks and even slippers in the house can help keep you warm and resist the temptation to adjust the thermostat.
    • Use your Fireplace.  A sliver lining for late season cold…your fireplace can be used for a few more weeks!  Cozy up and enjoy the warmth and comfort a fire can bring to your home.  If you need assurance that your fireplace will be in good working order all season long, call the experts at Lindemann Chimney for a professional inspection.

    By this time of year, we anxiously await warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and longer days.  But, rest assured, we can get through the last bout of winter, one day at a time.

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