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  • Keeping You Informed: 7 Triggers for a Chimney Inspection

    Keeping You Informed: 7 Triggers for a Chimney Inspection


    We can’t stress it enough…. The best line of defense against fires in the home is providing your fireplace a thorough chimney cleaning and inspection on a regular basis.  While many know that a sweep and inspection are needed before each heating season, most of our customers are not aware of the other events that trigger the need for a chimney check-up.  To keep you informed, we have created a list of other situations in which your chimney would require an inspection by one of our qualified technicians.

    Here are some other circumstances in which a chimney inspection is needed:

    • Before the purchase of a new home
    • Right after a house fire OR chimney fire
    • If the home is struck by lighting
    • If the roof has been replaced
    • Installation of a new fuel burning appliance (furnace, water heater, wood stove, gas logs)
    • If the home was hit by a falling tree or other large object
    • If water stains are found on the inside or outside of the home around the chimney area

    Did you know all our chimney inspectors are certified by the Chimney Sweep Institute of America?   We hire the best so we can be the best.  When using Lindemann Chimney Sweep for all of your fireplace needs, you will not only receive the top experts in the field but also the greatest service in the area.  We take pride in everything we do every day.

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    By Rob Lindemann

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