Why All Kenilworth Homeowners Should be Inspecting Their Chimneys Now
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  • Why All Kenilworth Homeowners Should be Inspecting Their Chimneys Now

    Why All Kenilworth Homeowners Should be Inspecting Their Chimneys Now


    Whether you’ve just moved into your Kenilworth home or you’ve lived there for years, there’s a good chance that you will want to rely on your fireplace to reduce your heating costs and help keep you and your family comfortable. Before the cold winter truly gets its bearings, homeowners in Kenilworth and the surrounding area should have their chimneys inspected for several very important reasons.

    Inspections Promote Safety

    The number one reason to have your Kenilworth chimney inspected regularly – at least once each year – is to keep your family safe. Chimneys are more than just stacks of brick designed to carry smoke outside; they have numerous parts and features that are designed to allow for safer fires. If anyone of these parts or features develops an issue, the only way to notice it right away is with an inspection. Otherwise, if the issue continues and is not quickly repaired, it may lead to health issues or even dangerous chimney fires. Regular inspections can help you catch these problems early and get them repaired, allowing you to enjoy your fireplace without worry.

    Inspections Now Save Money Later

    Another important reason to have your chimney inspected annually has to do with the potential money savings. Much like maintaining a car, if you can repair common issues early on, they have less of an impact on your car as a whole and this reduces your repair costs. The same can be said for your chimney and all its numerous parts. For example, if your flashing is in disrepair, you may not notice it until there’s a significant amount of water damage inside your home. However, if you’d had your chimney inspected, a technician could have found the issue and repaired it for far, far less money. Kenilworth homeowners should consider this and have their chimneys inspected prior to the heating season.

    Reduce the Likelihood of Pests

    This is also the time of year when pests try to make their way out of the cold, and often, they find their way into Kenilworth homes. Believe it or not, your chimney is an ideal entry point, and failing to take the proper precautions could lead to an infestation that’s difficult to handle. Fortunately, with regular inspections, you can not only ensure that your chimney is pest-free, but you can also keep it that way. This could prevent sickness, damage, and embarrassment for you and your family.

    Ensure an Uninterrupted Heating Season

    There’s nothing worse than coming home in anticipation of a nice, warm fire only to discover an issue with your chimney. You go to great lengths to ensure your HVAC system, your car, and other important aspects of your daily life are well-maintained, and you should do the same for your chimney. These inspections not only help keep you safe, save you money, and help you prevent infestations, but they also help ensure that you and your family can enjoy the comfort and ambience of a warm, roaring fire all throughout the cold season without interruption.

    Chimney inspections are an important part of homeownership. If you live in the Kenilworth area and your chimney is due for an inspection or cleaning – or both – contact Lindemann Chimney Service to schedule your appointment today. Doing so can keep you comfortable and safe all winter long. Contact us today to schedule your next chimney service appointment.

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