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  • Leaky Chimney or Leaky Roof?

    Leaky Chimney or Leaky Roof?


    Is your tax return refund making its way through the system yet?

    A quick and easy rule is: If there are water stains within 10′ of your chimney, call for chimney service before a roofer.

    A leaky chimney can be caused by loose mortar joints, damaged brick, foundation cracks or flashing in disrepair. Brick and stone chimneys will require maintenance as they age. If problems with a leaky chimney go unaddressed, it could lead to thousands of dollars of damage to your home – drywall warping, unsightly staining, mold and mildew growth.

    Masonry Chimneys are constructed of a variety of materials (brick, mortar, concrete, flue tile, steel, cast iron) and often a combination of many, if not all of them. Masonry materials will deteriorate quickly when exposed to the back and forth of freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw/freeze. During these changes moisture penetrates the materials and alternates between freezing and expanding putting stress on the structure. This water can also lead to rust in the steel and cast iron within the chimney, weakening the metal components. Even in Stone Chimneys, though the elements do not affect the stones, the mortar which holds the stones in place will be worn down by water over time without proper sealant.

    Leaky chimneys can be repaired in many ways – depending on the source of the problem. If there are minor cracks, spraying with a water repellent or sealant may mend the issue. Flashing trouble has a wider range of damage and solutions, everything from fresh caulk to a full replacement – depending on the extent of the damage.

    So as we approach the Spring Thaw, don’t take that risk. Schedule your End of Season Cleaning, we include a full Video Inspection and will alert you if we see anything that might cause you or your home any concern.

    By Rob Lindemann

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