Lots of Leftover Firewood? Here’s How to Store It
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  • Lots of Leftover Firewood? Here’s How to Store It

    Lots of Leftover Firewood? Here’s How to Store It


    Cozying up in front of a wood-burning fireplace depicts the spirit of winter.  But, as the chill in the air begins to fade and signs of spring emerge, it’s time to accept that fireplace season is coming to end…for this year.  But what should you do with all that leftover firewood?  Unused firewood is susceptible to pest problems and rotting, so it’s important to properly store it. 

    Here’s how-

    First, find the optimal area to store the firewood.  Most people don’t have a dedicated woodshed, so a great alternative is to store firewood outside near your home. Find an inconspicuous area, like alongside the house or a spot in the backyard.  If there isn’t an ideal area to store outside, consider storing wood in a garage.

    It’s wise to split the wood before storing, if it’s not already split.  This will make the process of starting a fire next winter much simpler.  Better to be outside, chopping wood when the weather is warmer, rather than wait until the temperatures drop and attempting to use the ax in the freeze, when you are anxious to start that fire!  Smaller pieces of wood also dry quicker, which is key in the storage process.

    Make sure the wood is dry before storing.  If the weather is cooperating, this can be done outside in a breezy, sunny place.  Drying can also be done in a garage or unfinished basement using a dehumidifier or fan to help speed up the process.

    Don’t stack the wood directly on the ground.  Firewood that is touching the ground is in danger of rot if it gets wet.  Rotted wood is not easily burnable and smells badly, so using a wood pallet or other raised platform is an important and inexpensive way to keep your wood in good shape for next winter. 

    Store the firewood by stacking larger and heavier pieces of wood on the bottom and lighter and smaller pieces on the top.  Make sure the air can circulate between firewood pieces to further protect against dampness.

    Most importantly, keep the wood dry!  Use a tarp if wood is outside to protect it from rain or utilize a humidifier if storing wood in the garage to protect it from dampness.

    Storing your firewood correctly this spring ensures when you crave that cozy fire next winter, your firewood will be ready to go!

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