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  • Making Your Fireplace Pet-Friendly

    Making Your Fireplace Pet-Friendly


    Whether your family cherishes a purring kitten, a rambunctious puppy, or even a hopping rabbit, keeping them safe is often a top priority.  We must consider all the dangers in pet friendly fireplacethe home to better protect them from harm including the fireplace.  A fireplace’s heat and flames can be a threat to the health and well-being of any pet.  That is why it is important to ensure we make our fireplaces as pet-friendly as we can for our furry friends.

    Here are some tips on how to make the fireplace more pet-friendly:

    1.  If glass doors are installed, keep them closed as much as you can.  Even a cooled hearth can mean disaster for a curious puppy—getting him full of leftover ash.

    2.  Utilize a gate.  Whether you choose a beautiful wrought iron gate or a practical baby gate; using a physical separator between the fireplace and your pet is a great way to ensure safety even when you leave the room for a moment.

    3.  Watch where you store (and throw) pet toys. Toys should be kept a safe distance from the area so pets are tempted to chase them into harm’s way.

    4.  Although a pet bed can be your furry friend’s most favorite spot, keep its materials far away from the fire.  Also, check the product’s tag for flammability.
    5.  Store fireplace tools carefully.  These tools are often sharp-edged and can be hot from use.  Put them away properly so they aren’t mistaken for a beloved chew toy.

    If you need suggestions on how to make your fireplace pet-friendly for your furry loved one, ask one of Lindemann Chimney Service’s technicians next time they are servicing your home.  Not only do we offer helpful tips on how to better protect your pets, we also provide the tools you need to better safeguard them.  Ask us today how we can help!
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