How to Prepare Your Chimney for the Rain and Snow Heading Our Way
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  • How to Prepare Your Chimney for the Rain and Snow Heading Our Way

    How to Prepare Your Chimney for the Rain and Snow Heading Our Way


    Winter in Chicagoland brings rain, ice, and snow – sometimes in huge amounts. But it’s also the perfect time for you and your family to enjoy a warm night together by the fireplace. However, it’s important to make sure your chimney is ready for safe use, without hazards or danger to your home. Here are some tips for prepping your chimney for what Mother Nature may have in store:

    Look for Leaks

    One major wintertime concern among homeowners is a leaking roof – and that’s doubly true for homeowners who have chimneys. One of the most important tasks on your list this year should be ensuring that your chimney cap and flashing are all in good condition. Flashing helps to seal the gap between your chimney and roof at the point where the two meet. If the flashing is not in good condition, it can lead to significant leaks – especially as the ice and snow begin to melt. While you can check your flashing on your own, it’s best to keep off the roof and trust the job to a professional. Professional chimney service technicians can perform an entire inspection to make sure your flashing, cap, crown, and all parts of your chimney are all ready to take on the season.

    Check for Rust

    Your chimney liner, parts of your firebox, the flashing and the damper are all made of metal components, and while they should be designed to last for many years, rust is always a possibility. Moisture combined with air can cause rust to form on various metals, and a damaged damper can be dangerous. The inability to fully open the damper when a fire is going, or to fully close it during the off-season, can lead to leaks, pest infestations, and, even worse, carbon monoxide buildup in your home. Check your damper regularly to make sure it opens and closes as it should, and if you have any kind of issue, call a professional to make repairs before you build another fire.

    Schedule a Professional Chimney Cleaning Service

    Finally, before you sit down in your favorite chair and settle in front of the fire, it’s important to take of your annual chimney cleaning. Creosote buildup is just as dangerous as a rusted damper or leaky flashing. It can cause a chimney fire that can quickly spread to your home. You should hire a professional chimney sweep at least once a year to keep creosote buildup at bay.

    The winter chill may be well on its way. But, with proper chimney care, you and your family can worry less about what’s happening outside and focus on the warm, crackling fire on the inside. If your chimney is due for an inspection or cleaning – or both – Contact Lindemann Chimney Service to schedule your appointment today.  Go ahead and get comfy!

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