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  • Preventing Bees From Entering Your Chimney

    Preventing Bees From Entering Your Chimney


    In the spring you may have more than just animals trying to enter your chimney – you may end up with other pests such as bees. At Lindemann Chimney Supply in Northern Chicago/Southern Wisconsin we like to pass along information that we feel would be of interest to you.

    We recently came across an interesting video about a honey bee infestation in a home. The queen bee flew down a fireplace and along came the swarm after her. To look at the link click here.


    Swarming bees look for a home like your chimney.

    There was also another article about bees trying to nest in a chimney which makes sense. It said that every year a new queen is born and the old queen takes half of the hive and moves to a new location. They look for hollow trees or other hollow places like a chimney.

    energy-top-chimney-mount-fireplace-damper-in-open-position energy-top-chimney-top-damper

    Open Energy Top and Close Energy Top Dampers

    To prevent bees from nesting in your fireplace chimney we can install an Energy Top Damper for you. When closed it seals tightly to prevent entry of bees and animals. And, as a bonus it also seals in “paid” heated air as well as air conditioning. For more information on the Energy Top Damper click here. To contact us for an appointment click here or call us at 847-739-4199.

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, author of Design Ideas for Fireplaces published by Creative Homeowner Press.

    By Rob Lindemann

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