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  • Proper disposal of ashes

    Proper disposal of ashes


    Last year there was a tragic accident where ashes put in a bag and left on a back porch ignited and caused the deaths of four family members. Contrary to popular thought, ashes and embers aren’t always cool and can even take 4-5 days to completely cool down after the fire. Here are some helpful hints for properly disposing of ashes:Ashes

    Always use an ash bucket or container designed for that purpose.

    Always put on or shut the container making sure the lid is tight.

    Always let ashes cool for 4-5 days before disposing.

    Never dispose of ashes in high wind. Hot embers can reignite.

    Always dispose of ashes in/on a non-combustible surface such as dirt or rock.

    Always use water to thoroughly wet ashes.

    These points are ways to avoid ash disposal related problems. Below are some ways people disposed of ash that did cause fires:

    Ashes disposed of on a woodpile caught a garage on fire.

    Ashes dumped into the wind whipped up embers causing a home fire.

    Ashes placed in a paper bag ignited a home.

    Ashes placed in a plastic bucket melted a hole in the bucket and started a fire.

    Ashes dumped on a calm day later blew into a pile of leaves and ignited it.

    Ashes put in an outside garbage can ignited the contents causing damage to the home’s siding.

    By taking extra care to properly dispose of ashes you can prevent unnecessary fires. Be sure to go over these points with everyone in your family and keep hot ashes away from children. Don’t be afraid to use your fireplace. Enjoy it with your friends and family and if you haven’t had your chimney cleaned and inspected this year please call us at 847-918-7994 or click here to contact us.

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