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  • Protecting Your Chimney from Mold

    Protecting Your Chimney from Mold


    Mold anywhere in the home can be a scary situation but did you know that it can grow in your chimney too?  What makes this type of mold even more dangerous is that most homeowners are unaware they have an issue until they begin to experience respiratory issues or other symptoms related to constantly breathing in the harmful spores.  Homeowners should be aware of why mold grows in the chimney, who to contact if mold is suspected, and what steps to take in the future to prevent the problem from occurring again.

    Chimney Inception Why does mold grow in the chimney?                                  
    There is nothing mysterious about why and where mold can grow.  If there is moisture in an area than mold is sure to follow.  Moisture can occur in chimneys during times of high humidity or when rain or other water enters the flue.  Since mold grows best in dark, damp spaces, the chimney provides the perfect atmosphere for spores to multiply. 

    Who do I contact if there is mold in my chimney?                                                                                              
    If you suspect mold in your chimney, your first step should be to contact a certified chimney sweep.  They will perform a complete chimney inspection to determine if spores are present.  They can also address the reasons why the mold is occurring.  Often water and moisture enter through leaks in the flashing or a faulty chimney cap.  You will want to ask the professional sweep if they also take care of mold problems. If not, contact a specialist in that field as well to remove the residue.

    How do I prevent chimney mold in the future?
    Prevention is always the best course of action.  Installing a quality chimney cap will prevent rain and other moisture from entering into the chimney.  Waterproofing the chimney is another effective was to inhibit the growth of spores.  To help with early detection, it is also recommended that a thorough chimney cleaning and inspection be completed annually.   During this time, your chimney contractor will make you aware of any problems that may be occurring.

    If you believe your chimney is experiencing mold issues, contact our expert staff at Lindemann Chimney Service.  We offer the best in quality chimney inspections and repairs to the greater Chicago area.  Keeping you and your family safe, we can address any chimney concerns you may have.

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