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  • Rain Rain Stay Away!

    Rain Rain Stay Away!


    Do you dread when it rains? Are there leaks around your chimney? Do your gutters overflow or leak? Or do you have leaks but are unsure of where the water is coming in at? This is our specialty.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service in the Northern Chicago area we are experts in chimneys, gutters, masonry chimney repairs and offer many home services. RainBoots

    Chimneys – If there is a leak around your chimney we will find it and fix it. No more water stained drywall, ruined wallpaper, ceiling damages or damaged items in your attic. We have the education, the tools and the skills to track down any chimney related problem and solve it for you. No more leaks!

    Gutters – A very important feature of your home is your gutters. They carry rain away from the foundation, windows, siding, soffits, landscaping and more. Clogged gutters can back up into soffits, overflow behind the gutter into walls and ceilings. They can overflow ruining costly landscaping and causing damage problems with siding, soffits and more. We clean and repair leaky gutters. If we evaluate your gutters and determine that they need to be replaced we can quote you on this service too. We solve leaky gutter problems.

    Roof Leaks – We will be happy to analyze your roof situation and rule out obvious sources such as leaky chimneys, leaky vents, gutter problems, etc. If it needs a repair that we don’t normally do we will be happy to recommend you to a company that we know are solid, dependable with an excellent track record and will take excellent care of your home.

    Whatever the leak we can help you solve it! Please feel free to call us at 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us.

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