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  • Save Up to 8% with an Energy Top Chimney Damper

    Save Up to 8% with an Energy Top Chimney Damper


    At Lindemann Chimney Service on the north shore of Chicago and southern Wisconsin, we strive to give you the best service available and we love to save you money. If you have a woodburning fireplace built of masonry materials, chances are the it also has a traditional cast-iron damper. When your fireplace was new the damper provided a metal-to-metal seal. Back when these dampers were first designed energy costs were lower and it was way before the energy crisis of the 1970’s. Having a tight-fitting seal wasn’t a necessary consideration.


    Today there are chimney top damper/chimney cap combinations like the Energy Top+ available that effectively and efficiently seal off the top of the chimney when it’s not in use. They are usually made of cast-aluminum and stainless and won’t rust. These dampers have various types of seals. Some are stainless steel that have a metal to metal seal. Other dampers incorporate a flat silicone gasket or an injected silicone gasket. The ultimate seal is designed with a refrigerator-type gasket. This seal is very flexible and provides the best, tightest seal.

    Installing one of these chimney top dampers can save up to 8% of your home heating costs depending on the type of seal and the size of the home. This savings will pay for the cost of the damper usually within 2-5 years andit has a lifetime warranty.

    Chimney top dampers are easy to use. The lid of the damper is attached to a stainless steel cable that drops down the flue and into the fireplace firebox. This cable has a spring handle at the bottom that fits into a bracket that’s attached to the firebox when closed. To open the damper just tug down on the handle, release and the damper pops open. These dampers are only designed for woodburning fireplaces and should be fully open when in use. They should be closed only when the fire is completely out and there’s no smoldering or hot coals left.

    energy top plus.1

    To find a chimney top damper for your fireplace give us a call at 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us. We believe in them so strongly we keep them on hand and can install one on the top of your chimney to start saving you energy dollars quickly.

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