Chimney Inspection & Cleaning for Property Management (HOA) Companies

Whether you are a property manager overseeing dozens of homes or you are part of a homeowner’s association with chimney maintenance and repair clauses, Lindemann Chimney Co. can provide these services and more. With years of experience in both residential and commercial settings, we strive to help you schedule and budget for your unique needs.

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HOAs and Exterior Maintenance

Most homeowners associations’ (HOAs) governing documents have clauses stating that the HOA is responsible for any exterior repairs. This often includes chimney repair and maintenance. If your governing documents are vague, or if they deem the HOA responsible for repairing and maintaining chimneys, you can save time and hassle by working directly with us at Lindemann Chimney Co. We offer a variety of chimney maintenance and repair services on a schedule that suits your unique needs and budget. For example, annual inspections spread throughout the year can help set an HOA property manager’s mind at ease.

Property Manager & Landlord

Both a commercial property manager and residential landlord have much to consider when it comes to maintenance and repair. Chimney repairs put off even for a few weeks can lead to thousands and thousands of dollars in damage, and when this occurs in multiple properties, the costs can skyrocket. The best way to keep on top of problems involves scheduling your maintenance services at least once each year for each property. Our team can help you come up with a maintenance schedule and provide quotes for their services for the entire year.

What HOAs and Property Managers Should Know about Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

Though chimney cleaning and inspection may not be at the very top of your priority list as a property manager, the truth is that these two services play a vital role in keeping homeowners and tenants safe. Creosote buildup is the number one cause of chimney fires that can cause thousands of dollars in damage or, in the worst-case scenario, a complete home loss or loss of life. Regular chimney cleaning is the best possible way to prevent this, and for most insurance companies, you must have chimneys cleaned at least once a year.

Inspections are also vital because these can prevent other issues that may occur like water damage, fires, or the potentially lethal buildup of dangerous combustion gases. Things like stuck dampers, leaky flashing, or crumbling masonry can cause huge issues, and the best way to avoid these problems involves addressing them right away. Inspections allow you to stay ahead of these repairs and save money at the same time.

HOAs and property managers certainly have a lot on their plates, but Lindemann Chimney Co. can help. Years of knowledge and expertise make us one of the best chimney companies in the area. To learn more about maintenance and repair services for HOAs and property managers, contact us today. We will provide quotes and even help you determine how often you should schedule inspections and maintenance of your homes and properties.

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