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Fireplace refinishing is a less-intensive approach to “sprucing up” or modernizing your fireplace to match the rest of your home décor. Often, homeowners choose to refinish their fireplaces after remodeling their living spaces and discovering their fireplaces no longer “fit” the new design. Refinishing can be very simple or quite involved, but one thing is for sure – hiring the right company can help you get the look of your dreams.

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Remodeling vs. Refinishing

Refinishing a fireplace is a different project than a complete remodel. Lindemann Chimney Co. can provide both services, but it is important to keep these differences in mind. When you remodel your fireplace, it is much like remodeling your kitchen. You may remove your cabinetry, for example, and replace it with newer, more modern options. The same can be said for fireplaces. When you remodel your fireplace, you might choose to totally remove the mantle and the hearth and replace them with updated materials. Remodeling is cheaper than a complete fireplace replacement, but far more involved than refinishing.

Refinishing your fireplace involves replacing an existing finish with a new one. This simple project can completely transform your fireplace, update your home, and improve its aesthetic appeal. In fact, for some homeowners, it can turn a fireplace that was once an eyesore into a room’s best feature. It costs less than completely remodeling your fireplace, which makes it a fantastic option for most homeowners who want the updated look on a budget.

Different Refinishing Options

Lindemann Chimney Co. offers a variety of different options for homeowners interested in refinishing their fireplaces.

  • Covering Existing Bricks – If your fireplace is made of brick, but you would rather have a more modern look, it is possible for Lindemann to install tiles directly on top of the brick to provide a fresh, updated look. Options for tiles vary and may include man-made stone, natural stone, cultured stone, or façade tiles. This type of refinishing can last for several decades with very little maintenance.
  • Replacing Stone and Tile – If you like the look of your current stone and tile, but you would like to update it to a more modern style, refinishing is a great option. It involves removing the existing stone or tile from your fireplace, then replacing it with the new stone or tile of your choice. This can completely change the color and texture of your fireplace and breathe new life into the room. It is a bit more involved than simply covering the existing brick, but when it is complete, it looks just like a brand-new fireplace.

Fireplace refinishing is a great way to update the look of your fireplace without spending a small fortune. Bricks and tiles are available in a wide variety of styles, giving you plenty of options from which to choose. Refinishing is also a phenomenal option for homeowners who want to complete their fireplace projects quickly, all without the hassle of a full remodel. If you have questions about your fireplace refinishing options, contact us today.




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