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Gutter Cleaning

In Spring and Fall, leaky, clogged, or damaged gutters are one of the leading causes of home repairs. Water can back up into the soffit and fascia, causing rotting wood and damage to walls. Rotting wood can invite insects such as carpenter ants that nest inside of it. Clogged gutters can cause water to leak into the home through ceilings, walls, and window areas.

Professional Home Services

Let the Professionals at Lindemann Home Services take care of this seasonal assignment.
Other problems stemming from clogged or leaky gutters are mold, foundation cracking, and ice damage. Landscaping can be washed away, and damage to sidewalks and driveways can occur.

We Offer:

  • All-star clean-up & service
  • Annual “automatic” service available
  • All gutters and downspouts cleared
house with multiple chimneys