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  • Sizzling Hot Hearth Gifts

    Sizzling Hot Hearth Gifts


    Are you looking for that perfect gift for that someone who has everything? Or perhaps you are shopping for a young couple who are just getting started and need something practical? Whatever the purpose, at Lindemann Chimney Service we can help you find a sizzling hot hearth gift.

    If you are looking for practical gifts, then consider these accessories; an ash bucket with a tight fitting lid, heavy-duty leather gloves, fire starters, steamers or kettles to put moisture into the air, trivets, bellows, thermometers, a decorative hearth rug or even a popcorn popper.

    Looking for an upscale gift? Then consider a screen for a woodstove or fireplace, combine it with a matching wood holder and toolset. Other attractive yet practical gifts include a candelabra for the off season, a decorative standing (non-functional) screen for the off season. Or items for the heavy-duty wood burner such as an exterior log rack, hand held log carrier, or even a log carrier on wheels.

    If you are looking at a higher end gift, consider an ash vac, a set of gas logs for an existing fireplace, an electric fireplace for a bedroom or even a new fireplace , fireplace insert or woodstove installation.

    Do you like to craft your own gifts? Then create the ideal gift basket for your favorite wood burner. Fill an ash bucket with fire starters, hearth gloves, a thermometer, bellows and roll up a canvas wood holder and tuck it in the side. Do they have a fireplace? You can still use an ash bucket, or a wood holder or even a grate and fill it up with goodies. For families with young children I recommend giving them some safety items. There are safety screens available for a wood stove or fireplace. In fact, there is a gate system available to keep the extra rambunctious children from getting into too much mischief. It installs according to the configuration you design and has a safety latch on the “gate” to deter most children.

    Another safety item for fireplace owners is a bumper pad product that fits on the sharp edge of the fireplace hearth. Too many children have taken a tumble against the sharp edge of the hearth. This padding will provide an extra measure of safety.

    Other important safety gifts for any family whether they have a woodstove, fireplace or another type of heat source include a fire escape ladder, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

    Our Gas Logs

    Other unique gift ideas include gift certificates towards projects in their home. If you want to gift them with gas logs, a remote set-up for their existing gas logs, a woodstove makeover (new paint, gasket, etc), a specialized screen, glass doors, a fireplace makeover, then your best bet would be to obtain a gift certificate to a hearth store or chimney sweep who specializes in these types of products/.

    When it comes to gifts for the hearth, it’s hard to go wrong. They can be practical, time-saving, back-saving, and downright beautiful. Gifts given with thought and love are gifts given from the heart.

    Posted by Karen Stickels Lamansky, Author of Designn Ideas for Fireplaces, published by Creative Homeowner Press

    Copyright 2010 Lindemann Chimney Service

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