Spring is Here! Time to Check Masonry for Leaks before Rainy Season
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  • Spring is Here! Time to Check Masonry for Leaks before Rainy Season

    Spring is Here! Time to Check Masonry for Leaks before Rainy Season


    After months of snow, ice, and chilly winds, spring and sunshine can’t come soon enough! Rolling into the warmer months with higher temps and blooming flowers also means the return of a fair amount of rain, bringing rejuvenating water to the grass and plant life, and a welcome respite from the seasonably scorching days.

    Of course, while the water is necessary in nature, it can quickly become a pain if it finds its way indoors uninvited. So before the drops start falling, remember that spring days are also the perfect time to take a peek at the masonry around your chimney, to make sure your chimney is ready to stand up to potential leaks.

    During the colder months, as the precipitation outside freezes and thaws over the bricks of your chimney, moisture can make its way into small crevices in the stonework. As the water thaws and expands, it slowly enlarges the crevices into cracks, leaving potential openings for moisture to seep further into the chimney and beyond. A few key signs that you’re dealing with a leaky chimney include spotting moisture in, or at the bottom of, your chimney, seeing water marks form on the ceiling near (i.e. within 10ft) your chimney, and if you notice spalling of the chimney, inside or outside.

    Potential chimney leaks or cracking masonry can be diagnosed during an annual chimney cleaning and safety inspection, especially to catch potential leaks at higher, harder-to-reach points around your chimney. Once confirmed, and depending on the advice from your inspector, these spots can be repaired, or the chimney can be waterproofed. This waterproofing process works by using a specific masonry-friendly sealant that blocks water absorption, but does not interfere with the naturally porous brick. This same process will also help to protect your chimney during the winter’s freeze-thaw cycle.

    Prevention always beats surprise when it comes to chimney leaks and masonry cracks. Let Lindemann help with full peace of mind by scheduling your annual chimney cleaning and safety inspection! Contact Lindemann Chimney & Fireplace today at (847)739-4199, or through our convenient online scheduling portal!          

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