How to Keep Springtime Insects from Calling Your Chimney Home
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  • How to Keep Springtime Insects from Calling Your Chimney Home

    How to Keep Springtime Insects from Calling Your Chimney Home


    Spring is about a month away, and that means the temperatures will start to climb, the flowers will start to bloom, and the dreaded insects will start to flourish once again. Keeping your home protected from insect invasion is important, and believe it or not, your chimney is a common entry point. Here are a few different things you can do to prevent springtime insects from calling your chimney home.

    Insects are Bad News for Homeowners

    Though some insects, such as common ants, are barely more than a nuisance, others can be quite harmful to your home. Not only can some bugs create a fire hazard by building nests inside your chimney, but they can also impact the quality of air inside your home and even cause significant structural damage. Termites, cockroaches, ants, and even stinging insects can all find their way into your home via your chimney, so keeping it properly maintained is crucial.

    Exterminators Can Help

    If you are concerned about an insect infestation in your home – even before it occurs – one of the best ways to prevent it is to hire an exterminator. Aside from using sprays and other methods inside your home to prevent insects from entering (or to kill them off if they are already present), they often use exterior products and methods that are designed to keep insects off your property in the first place. These products may include barrier sprays, powders designed to be spread across the lawn, and more. Your exterminator of choice can help you choose the right product and treatment options for your needs.

    Tips for Preventing Insect Infestations in Your Chimney

    Aside from calling an exterminator to help prevent infestations or treat them once they’ve occurred, it’s also important that you focus on potential issues with your chimney. Water can penetrate many of the same entry points favored by springtime bugs, which can cause serious structural damage and result in thousands of dollars in repairs.

    • Seal mortar joints and repair cracks. Cracks in your masonry are the most common entry points for insects. By ensuring any cracks are properly filled and repaired, you can drastically cut down on the risk of infestation.
    • Cap your chimney. A chimney cap does much more than prevent rain and snowfall from entering the flue; it can also keep bugs at bay. If you don’t have a chimney cap, be sure to have one installed, and if you already have a chimney cap, it should be inspected at least once a year.
    • Replace the flashing. Flashing consists of strips of metal that surround the base of your chimney at the point where it enters the roof of your home. Much like a chimney cap, its primary purpose involves preventing rain and meltwater from damaging your home, but it can also act as a secondary line of defense against bugs.

    Springtime is many people’s favorite time of year as it marks the end of the biting cold and the beginning of warmer days. Unfortunately, as the ground starts to thaw, the insects become more active as they look for food and shelter. By following the tips above, including hiring an exterminator and having your chimney inspected and repaired at least once each year, you can greatly reduce any risk of infestation and keep your home bug-free all year.

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