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  • 5 Ways to a More Efficient Fire

    When using the open wood burning fireplace, homeowners want it to burn as efficiently as possible while also keeping the heat and electricity bills in between fires. While a fire can never be as effective at heating the home as a standard furnace, there are ways for you to utilize the fireplace to i...

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  • 4 Simple Steps to Start Saving

    We all like to save some cash where we can, right?  With the holidays quickly approaching, keeping our expenses and utility bills low is a great way to squirrel away some money for the gift-giving season. This winter, use your fireplace to get your balance sheet in order.  There are many creative ...

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  • Remodel with Efficiency

    Gas Logs & Gas Line Installation As the remodeling season comes into full swing, it’s time to think about what to do about your fireplaces. gas insert, remodelingOne of the dilemmas with older fireplaces are their low efficiency rates (some as low as 0-20%). The majority of this inefficiency i...

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