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  • The Basics of Gas Conversion

    The Basics of Gas Conversion


    gas fireplace conversionEveryone loves a wood-burning fire – the smell of wood, the crackling of the fire, the warmth and coziness it creates.  Sometimes, though, homeowners prefer an easier, less time-consuming way to enjoy a fire within the home.  Many of them consider converting their wood-burning unit into an efficient gas fireplace.  While the process may seem cumbersome, this remodel is actually quite simple.  

    Gas Options Available – For those with a masonry fireplace, there are three main options available when converting to gas:

    •    A direct vent gas insert
    •    Unvented gas logs (ventless)
    •    Vented gas logs

    Which option you choose is based on each individual’s personal preference and budget.  A direct vent gas insert is by far the safest, most heat producing, and highly efficient option making it a popular choice for homeowners.  

    Running Gas – In order to enjoy a new gas unit, there first must be gas lines ran to it.  If your home already has a natural gas connection this task is quite easy to complete.  Keep in mind though, that, regardless of complexity, all natural gas-related work should be completed by a certified technician such as an experienced chimney sweep.  Cost for this service will depend on how complicated the line is to run, but expect to pay $200 to $1,000.

    Cost – When choosing a gas fireplace conversion, it is also important to consider the cost involved.  A direct vent conversion will cost the most ranging from $2,000 to $5,500 with gas lines and installation included.  Vented or vent-free gas logs will set you back anywhere from $500 to $2,500.  Some of the installation costs though can be recouped through lower heating bills and utility costs. 

    Installation Time – One big consideration for busy families is how long a conversion will take.  No one enjoys living in a home during construction. Gas conversions are quick remodels and often can be completed in as little as one day for simple installations.  Existing chimney issues can lengthen the time though, so make sure you get a complete inspection prior to beginning any remodel work.

    When considering a gas fireplace conversion trust the experienced team at Lindemann Chimney Service.  From choosing the right type of insert to running the gas lines, we can help you create a more efficient, warm fire within your living space.  We offer our customers quality fireplace installation and top-notch service at affordable pricing.

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