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  • The Importantance of Fireplace Tools

    The Importantance of Fireplace Tools


    A woodburning fireplace is a beautiful, functional part of any home. A warm, cozy, crackling fire brings together friends and family for a relaxing gathering. Being able to use your fireplace with ease eliminates stress and unpleasant situations. Fireplace

    Bellows can be useful in getting a fire started. A good set of bellows helps to fan the flame providing bursts of oxygen to ignite more of the wood surface.

    Grates provide a couple of important functions. It holds the wood up so air can circulate around the wood, allows a space for coals to fall through – under the grate, and the correct grate can help prevent the logs from
    rolling out onto the hearth.

    Woodburners gloves provide protection for hands when placing wood on a fire to “reload” it. Use caution with these gloves because they only offer momentary protection from heat.

    Tool sets are worth the extra money spent for a quality set. They will not only compliment the fireplace but are an important functional set of tools. A fireplace poker doesn’t do much good if the end comes unscrewed and
    lands in the hot coals. A typical set comes with a fireplace poker which is used to maneuver the wood. A set of tongs can also be used to arrange wood but takes more effort and coordination. A shovel is handy for scooping up ashes and embers. A fireplace broom is good for sweeping up ashes but can’t withstand the heat from hot embers. The fiber is typically made of a heat-resistant material. However, when exposed to extreme heat, like hot embers, they tend to curl up.

    Wood holders can help keep your wood organized near the hearth as well as providing aesthetic appeal. It can also help contain loose bark and wood bits that otherwise can be spread all over the home. A nice wood holder will also provide a decorative accent for your fireplace.

    Screens are a very important safety tool that helps arrest sparks. It’s important to keep screens closed or use a standing fireplace screen because sparks can travel several feet and could ignite nearby combustibles and/or cause damage to the flooring. A decorative designer screen provides impact with a fire as the background. Whether it’s decorative or basic, a screen is a very important tool.b4a3

    Ash Buckets are essential to using your fireplace. Proper disposal of ashes is key when cleaning the ashes out of your fireplace. An ash bucket should have a double bottom and a tight fitting lid. Never dump ashes or embers on combustible materials or during windy conditions. Always wet down ashes when dumping from your ash bucket. 

    Enjoying your fireplace is as easy as using the right tools. A good tool set provides important functionality as well as a compliment to any home decor. Expressing yourself with artistic elements or whimsical fun details
    can make your fireplace more aesthetically appealing.

    As the premium fireplace and chimney service in Northern Chicago, Lindemann Chimney Service likes to provide helpful information on making the use of your fireplace very pleasant and easy. Here in the northern suburbs of Chicago, we use our fireplaces often. If you would like information on a fireplace makeover (see photo at right) or tips on using your fireplace or to have your chimney and fireplace inspected and/or cleaned please call us at 847-739-4199 or click here.

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