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  • Tips for Enjoying Campfires and Outdoor Fireplaces

    Tips for Enjoying Campfires and Outdoor Fireplaces


    With summer upon us and lots of camping and backyard entertaining Lindemann Chimney Service in Northern Chicago and Southern Wisconsin would like to pass along these helpful tips for outdoor fires.

    Always check local codes to see if there are specifics regarding burn areas or restrictions. This is usually done at city hall or the county courthouse (if outside of city limits).


    • Burn good seasoned dry wood. A quick way to upset your neighbor is to burn smoky wet or green wood because the smoke may drift from yard to yard.
    • Use common sense when having a fire. If your neighbor to the south likely has his windows open they may end up with smoke in their home depending on the wind direction. Analyze this before starting a fire.
    • Never burn without some type of fire ring. Fire can easily spread through dead or dry grass or weeds.
    • In some locations a screen may be required and is always a good idea to help catch sparks.
    • Paper, cardboard and some types of yard debris may result in large sparks that could ride the wind and ignite a nearby structure. Avoid burning these items wherever possible.
    • Don’t burn treated wood, plastics, Styrofoam or other types of combustible materials. This can cause toxins to be released into the air and definitely aren’t healthy for anyone.
    • An upside down fire tends to work the best. Start with two logs parallel with about 2” – 3” of airspace. Then cris-cross with two more logs. Pile smaller branches and then twigs on the logs and top with a firestarter or small dry twigs. As the fire burns the small particles fall down on the larger logs and branches igniting them.
    • Always watch children and keep them from getting near the fire. An accidental stumble or a couple of seconds is all it takes for there to be a bad injury.
    • Keep the area around the fire clear so no one stumbles and falls against the fire. This includes partying friends, older folks and you.
    • Make sure your fire is out at night. A wind can come up and whipping up and carrying sparks that could ignite nearby combustibles.
    • If you have an outdoor fireplace have it inspected (we can do this for you). A creosote build-up or a nest blockage can still cause problems and it’s a good idea to have a spark screen on the fireplace flue. Please call us at 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us.

    We wish you an enjoyable safe and happy summer. Have fun with your friends and family whether you are camping or enjoying your outdoor living room.

    By Rob Lindemann

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