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  • Tips on Childproofing Your Fireplace

    Tips on Childproofing Your Fireplace


    Kids by the Fire

    Enjoying a warm fireplace can be a wonderful family pastime.  When children are involved, though, extra precautions need to be taken to keep them safe.  They are often unaware of the potential dangers that surround them.  In fact, the fireplace’s glass panel can reach temperatures of 350˚ F or higher on most gas units.  Left unsupervised, children can receive up to third degree burns with just one second of contact with the hot surface.  Learning a few basic safety tips as well as some protective products that can help is a great way to keep your family safe.

    Along with constant supervision, one of the best methods for protecting your child is with specially-designed childproof products.  A fireplace safety gate is a great way to keep children out of the area while also safeguarding them from the sharp corners of the hearth.  A fire-resistant hearth pad can also be placed around brickwork for additional safety.  Fireplace door guards keep little fingers from opening the glass doors while still allowing parents easy access.   Keep in mind that many of the products designed specifically for the fireplace are able to withstand hot temperatures.  Steer clear of more generic products that may melt creating additional hazards in the home.

    Below are some additional fireplace safety tips:

    • 100% supervision is needed when the fireplace is being used and children are in the area
    • Keep flammable items such as pillows and blankets away from the fire until the ash is completely cool
    • Keep fireplace remotes and switches out of the reach of children
    • Fireplace tools can pose a threat too – stow them in a secure area
    • Matches and lighter fluid should be stored in places unable to be reached by the child
    • Ensure the home has properly working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed

    Lindemann Chimney Service is dedicated to keeping our customers informed on how to correctly and safely use their fireplaces.  When onsite, our technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have on how to childproof your unit.  We want you to be able to fully enjoy your fireplace while keeping your family out of harm’s way.

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