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  • Tips on Pet-Proofing Your Fireplace

    Tips on Pet-Proofing Your Fireplace


    A warming fireplace can be a great time to reconnect and enjoy time with family – pets included!   Our furry friends often enjoy the heat and warmth of a roaring fire just as much as we humans do.  With gas panels that can reach temperatures of 350˚ F or higher, it is important though to protect our pets from the dangers that a fireplace can pose to them.    Without proper supervision, their general curiosity can lead to painful burns and blisters.  Taking time to provide our pets proper training and employing some basic protective equipment can both be effective in keeping man’s best friend safe around the hearth.

    When protecting pets from fireplace dangers, it is imperative to offer consistent supervision while also using safety products designed specifically for the need.  A fireplace safety gate is one the best ways to offer protection on a constant basis.  It not only prevents wagging tails and paws from getting too close but also keeps animals away from the heat.  A gate can also be helpful when the fireplace is not in use.  Many pets find leftover ash and other debris fun to play in.  Keep them from making a mess by blocking off the space.   

    Below are some additional fireplace safety tips to keep your pet safe:Pet Friendly

    • Train pets to stay away from the fireplace and surrounding areas
    • Avoid playtime or boisterous activity around the area when the fireplace is in use
    • Pet toys and beds can melt or catch fire if stored or kept too close to the area
    • Keep the damper open when using the unit to minimize the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly

    At Lindemann Chimney Supply, we know how important a proactive approach to fireplace safety can be.  One of the best ways to defend against chimney fires is with regular chimney cleanings.  Our chimney cleaning service includes a thorough inspection of the flue along with the removal of creosote and soot buildup.  A safe chimney is a clean chimney for both you and your pets.

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