Types of Technology Used During a Chimney Cleaning
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  • Types of Technology Used During Chimney Inspections

    Types of Technology Used During Chimney Inspections


    When was the last time you had your chimney cleaned? You may be surprised by how far the traditional fireplace cleaning has come. Long gone are the days of wire brushes and long brooms. While these standbys are still helpful, today’s chimney professionals are now using technology to help them clean their customer’s flue.

    What’s new in chimney cleaning technology? Here are a few of the latest advancements you should know about.

    Motorized Brush Systems

    There are many motorized brush systems that make the process of actually cleaning the chimney flue much easier not to mention less time to consume. What makes these systems so effective is the many brush heads available to connect to each system. These brush options allow sweeps to more easily handle each unique fireplace cleaning.

    Chimney Cameras

    Chimney cameras allow you to inspect areas that would be hard to see otherwise. There are now cameras built specifically for the chimney industry. Small cameras at the end of long cables allow the cleaning professional to view in real time the inside of the flue… without having to wedge their way in. They can also record that video to show the homeowner later.

    Advanced Lighting

    Chimney flashlights allow you to illuminate areas which require further inspection. They also add light to an otherwise dark space. There are many types of advanced lighting options available for sweeps including flashlights with cameras at the end.

    Triple HEPA Filter Vacuum

    The task of cleaning a chimney is often considered a dirty one. A job that leaves the home with dust and soot all over the place. Today’s triple HEPA filter vacuums reduce the mess a fireplace cleaning can create. They are both efficient and effective at capturing the dust and particles before they enter the living space.

    Before you hire your next chimney contractor make sure to ask what type of technology they bring with them to the job site. At Lindemann Chimney Service, we use the latest in cutting-edge tools to ensure you receive the most thorough chimney cleaning possible.

    Along with a triple HEPA filter vacuum, our technicians use cameras and lighting which allow them to carefully inspect your chimney from the inside out. Learn more about our chimney cleaning services by visiting our website here.

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