How a Video Scan of your Chimney Can Really Help Spot Problems
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  • How a Video Scan of your Chimney Can Really Help Spot Problems

    How a Video Scan of your Chimney Can Really Help Spot Problems


    The advances in the standard chimney inspection are truly amazing. Long gone are the days of “guessing” what the inside of the chimney looks like. No more using a long mirror to get a “glimpse” inside the flue. Today’s professionals come equipped with the latest in technology including comprehensive chimney video scan equipment.

    A video scan of the chimney can be extremely valuable as it helps to uncover trouble spots that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. During the chimney inspection, the technician takes a specifically designed camera attached to a long rod and feeds it through the flue. The sweep and the homeowner can then view the interior of the chimney on a small monitor and even save the video for future reference.

    When using video scan equipment during a chimney inspection, professionals can detect many common problems. These include cracks in the flue, mortar joint deterioration and excess creosote buildup – one of the leading causes of chimney fires. A chimney video scan can also uncover the presence of animals and their nesting materials both which can lead to blockages in the flue.

    Another essential benefit of a chimney video scan is the ability to document the current conditions for insurance purposes. This is critical after a chimney fire has occurred as the video can help determine what caused the fire, the damage that incurred and the necessary repairs. Photos and other documentation can be sent directly to the insurance company after the chimney inspection is completed.

    You deserve more when it comes to the care of your chimney. If your current sweep doesn’t use video scan equipment, it’s time to make a change! Lindemann Chimney Service offers only the best when it comes to chimney video scan services. Our team members use the latest technology to make sure you have zero doubt as to what is going on with the inside of your flue.
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