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  • Warm Winter Memories

    Warm Winter Memories


    Winter is the perfect time to gather together friends and family to celebrate the closeness of the season. Whether it’s during the holidays or just a get-together, there’s no better place to gather than next to the warm, cheerful fireplace or woodstove where people have been gathering for centuries.

    Fireplace Ambiance

    A crackling fire provides the perfect backdrop for entertaining. The warmth and glow of the fire provide a relaxed atmosphere – perfect for meeting your next door neighbors. Or, perhaps it’s time to host your club’s next meeting. Wanting to meet the parents of your daughter’s boyfriend? Maybe you’re hosting a book club discussion. Whatever the event, you will have the backdrop to encourage relaxation and conversation.


    Brighten up your party and create a sense of intrigue with a theme. For an elegant party, set the table with China and crystal creating an upscale party with evening dress required (evening gowns and tuxes).

    Want to celebrate everyone’s anniversary at once? Ask your guests to bring wedding photos, model their wedding dresses or bring their wedding goblets. Everyone has a humorous story related to their wedding. Give a prize for the best story.

    Are many of your friends single? Create a “fundraiser” party. Treat your friends to a tasty meal. Then ask them to help decorate cookies for a bake sale. Around the holidays, ask them to help wrap gifts that are being donated for children. It’s a good way to introduce people, not only to each other, but to the needs of the community.

    A holiday theme could include an ugyly holiday sweater. This has become a popular contest in many parts of the US. Or the most decadent desert contest. Or make it a contest of who is the cutest child by the Christmas Tree from childhood photos.

    Other themes could be centered on each guest’s favorite book, the color red (everyone wears or brings something red), or the old standby – a costume party.


    Guests will especially enjoy foods centered near your fireplace or woodstove. Hot dogs roasted in the woodburning fireplace, s’mores, popcorn cooked over the wood fire (or stove) and roasted marshmallows top some of the favorites. Or, make is simple with munchies and hors-d’œuvres. If you are having a sophisticated sit down meal, follow-up with drinks and conversation by the fireplace. Remember, never cook over a coal or gas fireplace or gas log set.


    Games are always an entertaining prospect. Cards, Dominos and packaged games are pretty hard to beat. Even fun dinner conversation can include lively discussions including: 10 all time favorite movies, favorite desserts, 5 favorite songs and if you could be part of any TV family, who would it be? If you use a retro theme, use fun games from childhood such as “Hide the thimble” or “Button – button who’s got the button”?

    No matter what kind of party you have, it’s sure to be a hit if the fireplace and woodstove are included as a warm, welcoming backdrop. There’s nothing like a delectable banquet embodied by the crackling warmth and cheer of a brightly lit fire to draw people together. Combine this with the scents of potpourri or simmering oils in the woodstove steamer, or the aroma of baking apples, it’s sure to be a success.

    For more information on using your fireplace or to have your fireplace and chimney cleaned please call us at 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us.

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