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  • We Can Fix Your Leaks!

    We Can Fix Your Leaks!


    Here in Northern Chicago and Southern Wisconsin the heavy rains of spring are upon us. As a result, many people are having problems with leaking or damp chimneys. If you have been struggling with these problems – take heart – this is something we can help you with. Our highly trained staff at Lindemann Chimney Service can solve your problems.

    Waterproofed Brick

    The damage you may notice is water leaking in the chimney or fireplace, damp sooty smells, water spots on drywall, white stains on the exterior of the chimney, moss or algae on the exterior, leaks in the attic or where the chimney penetrates the roof. There is likely other evidence that you may not notice that our trained professionals would see.

    Do you have a rain gauge or bird bath in your yard? Have you ever noticed how much rain fills it after a shower? Well the same thing can happen with an open chimney. If you don’t have a chimney cap, quite a bit of rain can enter your chimney. A damaged or deteriorating chimney will still let water enter although the quantities won’t be as much if there is a chimney cap. Sometimes the bricks or mortar joints can soak up moisture. Even in new construction problems can arise.

    Other sources of leaking chimneys are damaged concrete crowns (the cement at the top of the chimney), damaged or defective chimney flashing, cracked or soft bricks/mortar joints, faulty construction, chimneys venting higher efficiency gas appliances and other types of sources and situations.

    Whatever the source, we can help you out. Our staff of highly trained professionals will investigate, video scan and analyze the situation to cure your leaking chimney. For more information please call us at 847-739-4199 or click here to contact us.

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