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  • We remove chimney stains!

    We remove chimney stains!


    If your chimney has stains on it Lindemann Chimney Service on the northern shore of Chicago can help! Whether the stains are creosote
    stains, rust stains, white stains or other types of stains we can bring your chimney back to a like new condition.Efflourescence

    Creosote stains are often created by burning practices. Types of wood, how it’s burned and how it’s seasoned can affect how much creosote is in the flue and whether the stains carry forth to the exterior of the flue. We can coach you on causes and effects and clean the chimney and the stains.

    Rust stains are often caused by galvanized chimney caps. Water from these caps can drip down the side of the chimney carrying with it rust stains. Sometimes old chimney flashing can cause rust stains. We can replace the cap with one that doesn’t rust and repair the flashing.

    White stains are caused by mineral salts that are carried through the mortar of the chimney and deposited on the surface. This can be caused by leaks in the chimney, a gas appliance that’s improperly vented in the chimney or something as simple as a sprinkler that gets the chimney wet (water goes in and when it exits it carries the white mineral salts back out).

    If your chimney has stains it’s pretty important that we inspect it to make sure there isn’t a functional issue going on like an improperly vented appliance. We can make sure everything is venting properly and installed properly. And we can take care of the stain and add measures, like waterproofing, to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    To contact us please call us at 847-739-4199 or click here.

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