What a Homeowner Can Expect when Having Their Chimney Cleaned
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  • What a Homeowner Can Expect when Having Their Chimney Cleaned

    What a Homeowner Can Expect when Having Their Chimney Cleaned


    Getting your chimney cleaned is one of the best yearly tasks you can accomplish.  It not only allows you to enjoy a warm fire but also keeps your home and family safe.  If you haven’t had a chimney sweeping completed in a while though, you may be a little intimidated by the process.  But there is nothing to fear!  The process is much simpler than you think.

    Here’s what a homeowner can expect from a professional chimney sweeping:

    Most sweeps will start by using specialized tools and brushes to gentle remove creosote and other buildups from the flue walls.  Creosote is a highly flammable byproduct of the combustion process and a major factor in home fires starting in the chimney.  Removing this buildup allows you to enjoy a more clean-burning and efficient fire.

    Many professional sweeps will bring along a special triple HEPA filter vacuum to keep the dust to a minimum.  The vacuum catches all the loosened debris before it can enter the living space.  Use of the vacuum also ensures that the ash is disposed of properly.

    Lindemann Chimney Service is also proud to include a level 2 NFPA inspection with every chimney sweeping.  Working from the bottom up, your trained technician will give your system a comprehensive examination searching for any trouble spots both inside and outside the flue!

    Homeowners can expect a chimney cleaning to be completed in as little as one hour.  Getting you back to your everyday life as quickly as possible is one of Lindemann Chimney Service’s goals. We get to work right away using the tools and equipment necessary to work efficiently and quickly on your home.  Our chimney sweeping services are both speedy and comprehensive.

    While many homeowners attempt the DIY approach to chimney sweeping, it is a service best left to the professionals.  Lindemann Chimney Service has a team fully-trained and licensed to work on your home.  We know what to look for during the inspection and the best techniques for ensuring a clean and complete job. Trust your home to no one else than the best.  Trust it to Lindemann Chimney Service.

    To schedule your annual chimney cleaning online, visit us at Lindemann Chimney Service today.



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