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  • What is a Fireplace Insert?

    What is a Fireplace Insert?


    A gorgeous wood-burning fireplace is one feature you will find in many of the North Shore’s charming historical homes.  From the 1800’s and on, intricately-carved fireplaces were a staple for living rooms, bedrooms, and even parlors.

    While many enjoy the appeal of wood-burning fireplaces, others are wanting a more simplistic approach to heating the home.  But how do you keep the character of the traditional fireplace while adding the convenience of a gas?  This is where a fireplace insert takes center stage.

    At Lindemann Chimney Service, we get many requests for our fireplace insert installation services.  Below are the answers to the most common questions we receive.

    What is a fireplace insert?

    A fireplace insert is a basic way to convert a wood-burning fireplace into a gas one.  Typically the insert will connect directly to the existing chimney and flue utilizing what is already in place.  Inserts can be purchased in decorative designs to blend into any type of aesthetic and are a safe, efficient heating alternative.

    What are the benefits of a gas fireplace insert?

    • Less Heat Loss – Many masonry fireplaces are plagued with inefficient damper leaks especially when the seal no longer closes tightly. Inserts create a tighter seal reducing the amount of heated and cooled air allowed to escape.
    • More Efficient Combustion – A fireplace insert is also more efficient than wood-burning when it comes to combustion. This means warmer, more even-tempered fires!
    • Ease of Use – Many people desire a gas fireplace insert because it is simply easier to use than a wood-burning one. No time taken creating a fire.  You can turn the heat on and off with the flip of a switch.  A gas fireplace also requires less maintenance and upkeep.
    • Healthy Heating Alternative – For those seeking a real heating alternative to their wood-burning fireplace, a fireplace insert is a great option. It not only warms the space but does so without increasing smoke and air particles.  This heating source is a healthier option for those with breathing complications such as asthma.

    If you love your historic home’s masonry fireplace but are looking for an easy-to-use alternative, now is the time to consider a gas fireplace insert. Often installed in a day, converting to gas is a less intrusive way to preserve your property’s charm while also making your fireplace simple to use and maintain.

    If you are located in the North Shore area consider partnering with Lindemann Chimney Service to get your fireplace insert installation started today.  As experts in the field, we can help keep the warmth in the living space while reducing your care and upkeep responsibility.  Learn more about Lindemann Chimney Service’s gas fireplace services by visiting us here.

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